Creating a Happy Space to Endure the End of Winter

Creating a Happy Space to Endure the End of Winter
Here in Seattle, it is easy to find yourself feeling down during the gray (and often wet) months of January through March as we anxiously await spring. This period of time post-holidays can feel long, tedious, and often lethargic under a canopy of dark skies and early sunsets. Regardless of where you live, it can be a difficult adjustment from the excitement and anticipation of the Holidays. 
While we can’t fast forward to spring, we can utilize some effective tactics to make our interior spaces better for our mental health. During this time of year, people are more likely to suffer from seasonal depression or loneliness. This is where the concept of Hygge comes into play - a Danish word and cultural concept centered around feeling warm, safe, and comforted by your surroundings and lifestyle. Similar to the word “hug”!
One of our main goals is to bring hygge to the home, in small or big ways. Here are some Woodland Mod tips on how to make your space feel happy & healthy through the long winter months. We use these concepts in our store to make it the comforting experience that it is! 
1. Minimize and De-clutter
We get it, getting rid of things is hard. Especially after the Holidays when you’ve potentially gained a lot of cool new things. However, minimizing and being more intentional with the items that you choose to keep in your space is an essential step in reducing stress. Plus, you’ll bring more attention to the few special items that you’ve selected for your space, creating a sense of appreciation and a more carefully crafted look. For guidance on how to design a minimally intentional environment, we turn to books such as Just Enough Design by Taku Satoh and Let it Go by Peter Walsh

Just Enough Design by Taku Satoh

2. Bring In the Plants
It’s no secret that greenery and plants are healthy companions for the human psyche. Especially in winter when you may be less inclined to spend as much time outdoors, having elements of nature in your space can have a calming effect on the mind and can bring a design space to life. Don’t know much about plant care? Start with something easy like a Propagation Tube or a Cultivation Stone. If you are having trouble keeping your plants happy in the winter, we suggest using Liquid Plant Nutrients to give your green friends a boost. 

 Concrete Grow Plate - Sold at Woodland Mod - Photo by Stenhuggardottern

Photo of Woodland Mod 

3. Fine Tune Your Lighting 
Using dim, warm, lighting has shown to have regulating effects on a person’s mood. Sometimes, getting a break from harsh overhead light can be essential in being able to relax. Some of our favorite lamps with warm tones and multiple dimming options include the Vuelta Lamp and the Wick Lamp. Candles are also always a classic way to set the mood. Especially when they are made with sustainable and natural burning ingredients like the iconic Hetkinen Wood Wick Candle (which also emulates the sounds of a fireplace as the wood wick burns!)

The Brass Wick - Sold at Woodland Mod - Photo by Graypants, Inc.

4. Get Cozy!
Feeling cozy can look different for each person. The key is to have special items that you reserve for your decompression time that bring you comfort. Perhaps that looks like a special handmade mug for tea or coffee. Or a soft, clean blanket to wrap up and rest in at the end of a long day. Even something as simple as sliding on your unbelievably comfy slippers to lounge around the house after changing out of your work clothes. Rather than cluttering your life with many items that are less meaningful, it is a good practice to put your appreciation into a select few special items that will make you feel calm when the time comes to utilize them. We at Woodland Mod are all about the cozy life (and our SUBU slippers)! 
Confetti Heart Mug
The Confetti Heart Mug - Sold at Woodland Mod - Photo by Farmhouse Pottery

Red Subu Slippers
SUBU Slippers - Sold at Woodland Mod - Photo by SUBU
Follow these tips and you are sure to end up with a space that will leave you feeling more ready to endure the long months leading up to spring with a happy and healthy mind. If you have more questions about tips for crafting a comforting home or office, feel free to visit us or look at our website for more inspiration! 
Article Cover Photo by Carina Skrobecki Swain

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