Hot Items for Spring

Hot Items for Spring

Rows of bright pink Cherry Blossom trees are now lining the streets of Seattle, signifying the arrival of spring (and perhaps for some, allergy season). For our shop, the arrival of spring means joyful farmers market days on Ballard Avenue, longer sun-filled evenings with customers, and of course, a ton of new seasonal products to put on our shelves! 

Whether you intend to spend your spring out in nature, at outdoor markets, or from the comforts of your window view, we have compiled a list of our must-have products from our shop for spring 2023 that you must check out: 

Seed Packets 

Even as a decor & lifestyle store, we are huge advocates for selling seed mixes. Not only do they make great gifts, but depending on what you are needing for your home, they are a lovely way to bring some vibrant growth to your garden, porch, or growing pots. 

Our seed mixes from Civil Alchemy are each specially mixed based on your needs, from an Edible Flower Mix for your cakes or salads, to a Deer Resistant mix that will keep your garden flower-filled. Live your Folklore fantasy by growing your own small Poppy Field, or buy our personal favorite mix, the Bee + Pollinator seeds to attract and nourish the vital pollinators in our neighborhoods that keep our ecosystems healthy. With each packet a unique color and design, it is hard to resist wanting to collect them all as if they were trading cards. Find our full seed collection in our Plant & Garden section.

Bright colored seed packs by Civil Alchemy resting on a chair over plants

Patterned Cotton Bandanas 

The cotton bandana is a staple accessory long utilized for centuries. Whether for functional or decorative use, a high-quality bandana can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders, and even pets! Finding a pattern that speaks to your personality is a fun way to express yourself on a myriad of adventures. Put it in your pocket, in your hair, around your neck, on the wrist, on a backpack - the possibilities are vast.

Hemlock Bandana with orange and green floral design

Our Patterned Cotton Bandanas are hand-pressed, making them visually stunning while still functionally being durable enough to withstand whatever adventures you want to bring it on. Their versatility makes them great gifts that are fun to select based on the type of person you are buying for. Easily washable and made of 100% cotton, we are very loyal to these staple accessories. We are constantly adding new patterns and colors to our stock that range from obscure designs to detailed illustrations. Which style best speaks to you?

Woman laughing with head turned to the side wearing a Hemlock Bandana with a cherry pattern

Kenzan Plates

If you’ve seen a small plate covered with spikes in our shop and felt a little confused - wonder no more! You are looking at a Japanese Kenzan - a display tool used for creating stunning flower arrangements (ikebana - arranging and making flowers "alive"). The Kenzan is a heavy lead plate with brass needles used for sticking into the bottom stipes of cut flowers to hold them upright. This tool replaces foam in creating flower arrangements and can be set at the bottom of saucers, dishes, or vases to hold up the perfect arrangement of flowers or sticks. 

It is widely believed that the Kenzan was first used in the late Meiji or early Taisho era, around 1910 AD, although the original inventor is unknown as this art form was adapted over the centuries. Buddhist tea masters influenced the art of ikebana in the 16th century significantly, and it is considered one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement.

A round gold spiked Kenzan Plate sold at Woodland Mod

At our shop, we carry 
Kenzan that come in medium and large round plates that are perfect for thicker stemmed and woody arrangements, as well as a Mini Kenzan Set that comes with square and circular plates for smaller arrangements with thinner stipes. Try this fun activity at home by yourself or with your friends and family to discover a new way to bring flowers alive into your space! 

A kenzan plate inside of a white bowl displaying a bouquet of white flowers

Pacific Northwest Nature Coloring Book

If you think about it, Spring is a lot like a coloring book - the process of turning empty sceneries into vibrant life-filled spectacles with perfect imperfections, as nature intended. Coloring can be a mindful activity for both children and adults alike, and taking the time to do so will give you moments of peace as you put your creativity to the page in whatever ways that feel best to you. Coloring in the Spring offers a great opportunity to lay out a blanket, get some fresh air, and let the surrounding nature inspire you. Or, if the weather is not permitting, enjoy a cup of tea indoors with your new favorite coloring book for some solitude.

Pacific Northwest Nature: Coloring for Calm and Mindful Observation is the perfect book companion for this activity. It is small and thin enough to easily fit into a bag or backpack without taking up much room, and is filled with beautiful detailed line illustrations of the Pacific Northwest. No matter where you live, this book brings the best sights from the PNW to your hands - from aquatic creatures of Puget Sound to flowery meadows of birds and bugs from Oregon and Eastern Washington. The author, Lida Enche, is a Seattle native and middle school art teacher. 

Pacific Northwest Nature Coloring book cover

Eva Solo Bird Feeders

If you are wanting to enjoy Spring from the comforts of home, hanging bird feeders on your windows, porch, or in the backyard is a great way to bring nature straight to you. Our favorite bird feeders are by Eva Solo - a Danish company that creates transparent feeding vessels that are easy to hang and gorgeous to look at. 

The benefits of bringing wild birds to your yard are numerous - from toxic-free insect control to flower pollination. Not to mention the educational opportunities of watching wild species visit your home. The transparent look of the Eva Solo bird feeders also provide an ample opportunity for photography enthusiasts to get an obstruction-free shot of some beautiful feathered friends.

A bird feeding from an elongated bird feeding tube by Eva Solo hanging on a branch

With several styles to choose from, from glass orbs to elongated feeder tubes, the Eva Solo bird feeder collection looks sleek and minimal while functionally providing a perfect protected pouch for your local feathered neighbors to feed from. The clear glass allows you a better indication of when your feeders need to be refilled. You will get a kick out of seeing what visitors your feeders bring and they will also certainly thank you for it!

Two orb bird feeding glass balls by Eva Solo filled with bird seed


Harvesting & Gathering Bag

Whether you’re grabbing some flowers and herbs from the farmers market or collecting your own from nature itself, the Barebones Harvesting & Gathering Bag is an essential harvesting partner. Made with waxed canvas and an extra inner watertight removable liner, this backpack is perfect for outdoor adventures regardless of the weather or activity. With multiple ways to carry the bag, the bottom has the ability to drop-out for easy unloading of your collected goods at the end of the day. 

A harvesting and gathering bag by Barebones opened to expose the waterproof interior

This bag has been a staple in our shop since the beginning because of its attractive natural appearance and complete functionality. While it is intended to be great for foraging, you also can utilize it as a normal backpack/carrying bag for your everyday needs. 

A person holding the Barebones Harvesting and Gathering Bag while walking through a field of grass

Higurashi Scissors + Niwaki Garden Collection

Having high quality garden tools and snips can make a huge difference in the quality of your plant maintenance routine. Our go-to gardening tools are made by Niwaki, a specialty brand that produces Japanese secateurs, snips, kitchen accessories, and gardening tools.

The Higurashi Scissors are one of our most sought-out gardening tools, for its versatile capability to effectively help with pruning, dead-heading, ikebana, bonsai, and to act just as normal scissors for the home. Made in Sanjo, Japan, these drop forged scissors are made with Carbon Steel and when cared for properly will last you for years to come. You will definitely want these in your tool box for Spring!

A pair of Higurashi Niwaki scissors laying on a rock next to some plants


We carry a wide variety of Niwaki tools - check out our full collection here

Niwaki GR Pro S-Type Secateurs Japanese Pruners resting on wood surrounded by grass 

Can’t get enough of Spring at Woodland Mod? Explore our full Plant & Garden collection online for more nature-inspired gifts and must-haves. 

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