Woodand Mod Is Going To Sweden and Denmark!

Woodand Mod Is Going To Sweden and Denmark!

We are headed to Scandinavia!

Departing on Monday May 29th, the Woodland Mod team is sending store founders and curators Jaimie and Steve, accompanied by Digital Manager, Maria, on a two-week journey to Sweden and Denmark for a designed-filled, immersive product-scouting Scandinavian journey. 

Woodland Mod was founded around the principles of Swedish and Danish design, and most of our staple brands are based directly out of these countries, including Swedish companies like Iris Hantverk and Danish makers Humdakin, Skagerak, Cooee Design, Ferm Living, and more. After two years of communicating with these brands digitally from across the globe, the time has come to go directly to the source ourselves.

The Itinerary 

Flying first into Stockholm, Sweden, the WM team will be spending one week in this gorgeous country to focus on scouting unique small-scale artists and makers around the city. This will entail a lot of walking, exploring small shops, and gathering a ton of inspiration from the iconic minimalist and sustainable style of Swedish decor. After spending a bit of time in the center of the bustling city, the team will be headed to a smaller island outside of Stockholm, Vårholma, for a few days of reflection and a more nature-filled remote experience. 



For week two, Jaimie, Steve, and Maria will pile into a rental car and take a scenic drive across country borders from Sweden into Denmark. Scouting for small local shops along the way, this drive will lead them to Copenhagen for the latter half of the trip. This is where things get really action-packed, between attending the 3daysofdesign festival and meeting with some reps of our current brands!


Copenhagen Streets



3daysofdesign Festival

Our team is thrilled to be attending the 10th annual festival of 3daysofdesign hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark. In a celebration of creativity hosted in the streets, shops, and showrooms of Copenhagen, this festival will host over 290 exhibitors showcasing their furniture, lighting, accessories, and materials. 




This festival will be monumental in introducing up and coming makers in the Scandinavian design scene, giving our team the chance to directly speak with artists about the stories and purpose of their products. Our goal is to come out of this festival with new connections, inspirations, and ideas for new and exciting products to bring into Woodland Mod for our community of fans to enjoy and take home. 

Read more about 3daysofdesign HERE


Join us virtually!

Starting on Monday, we will be documenting our team’s journey through Sweden and Denmark and posting about these trip milestones to our social media channels and newsletter. Be sure to give our pages (Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok) a follow to get exclusive insights into this exciting design-filled trip, updates from the 3daysofdesign festival, and get a sneak peak at potential vendors that we will be aiming to carry in our shop following the trip! 


Woodland Mod's storefront will remain open during this two-week trip period. For updated hours and business days, please check google or call to inquire.

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