Ode to Table Lamps

Ode to Table Lamps

In search of elements that will create the perfect hygge space, many of our customers will come in with a similar question: how do you keep a space minimalist and clean while also making it feel warm and homey? In interior decorating with Scandinavian inspiration in mind, there is a fine line that keeps a space simultaneously cozy and minimalist without it feeling either too stark or too cluttered. 

Our answer? Turn your attention, love, and investments, towards table lamps

A high-quality table lamp can completely transform the feel of a room while taking up very little space, which allows you to keep a minimalist feel while also bringing warmer tones to the room and simultaneously avoiding clutter. Lamps no longer need to be big and bulky with an unflattering shade that ages your space. Lucky for us, designers around the world have turned their genius minds to the innovative world of table lamps. The shapes, materials, and light hue have evolved into works of art that you can now bring home and use every single day. The opal white glass of the Wander Light, for example, is so mesmerizingly unique that even when not illuminated, one could easily mistake it for a decorative sculpture. Lamps should no longer be an afterthought when curating a home - but should be valued, in our opinion, just as highly in importance as your couch, rug, or wall art.


Wander Light by From The Bay as sold by Woodland Mod

 The Portable Wander Light

Especially during this time of year, having a quality lamp to rely on in darker days not only will elevate your room but will bring comfort and calmness to the mind. We turn to the hygge-masters of Scandinavia to teach us about the important role of light during the dark winter months in keeping one’s mental health in a positive state. All of the table lamps that we sell at our shop have dimmable settings, either through turning knobs (The JWDA) or touch pads (The Meridian Lamp) that allow you to adjust the intensity of lighting as needed to find the perfect vibe for your morning or evening. 

JWDA Lamp as sold by Woodland Mod

 The JWDA Lamp in Marble Carrera

Some of our favorite table lamps are the portable variations - meaning you can have far more flexibility in finding the perfect spot in your home for the lamp without having to worry or fuss with long cords and plug outlets. As easy as charging your phone while you sleep, lamps like The Carrie will charge for hours with an included USB charger and stay charged and ready to use for days at a time. Not only can you switch around the placement in your home, but lamps with handles for carrying, such as The Ray Table Lamp, can come with you on your adventures around the home or in the backyard for evening gatherings. Bring these lamps to your bedside table, next to the bathtub, or a picnic table at dusk. Cords no longer need to restrict the possibilities for table lamps!

Carrie Lamp in White

The Carrie Lamp

The Ray Table Lamp

The Ray Table Lamp


Now that we have explained our love affair with table lamps, here are some more incredible lamps that you can have shipped to you from the store or picked up locally:


A staple from day one in our shop, The Wick by Graypants Studio is a crowd favorite and best-seller. Reminiscent of a time before lamps, the Wick acts as a modern-day candlestick. With a fascinating visual appeal and portability with USB charger, users can even pinch the “flame” of the lamp to adjust the light setting. These lamps come in Gold, Black, Graphite, or White.


White Wicks at a dinner table



Coming to us from Denmark, the Vuelta Lamp has also been a staple in our store from day one. The smooth rainbow arch of the lamp brings a pop of playfulness to a space while still providing a clean, modern glow to the room. This bright addition to your space can be dimmed with a button on the cord.

The Vuelta Lamp by Ferm Living



We love this lamp for the versatility of the adjustable angled head that holds an architectural appearance. The tilting head allows for light to be dispersed at different angles depending on the needs of your space and visually looks sculptural during the day due to the clean look of the powder coated steel material.

FRAMA T-Lamp in White


While the price point for many of designer table lamps is considered higher, here are some reasons why we personally believe that they are absolutely worth the investment when curating your home: 

  1. Quality - you get what you pay for. These high quality lamps are carefully crafted by designers with an eye for shapes that evoke fascination. The visual hue of the light itself will also be of warmer, higher quality than your average bulb. When properly cared for, these lights will be a staple in your household for years to come.

  2. Space - As mentioned, you could easily spend the same amount on many individual  household decor items in hopes of bringing together a space, only to end up looking cluttered and still not embody the mood that you are aiming for. A single table lamp can do the job of multiple decor pieces - while also acting as a statement piece that can fit on the tiniest of table surfaces.

  3. A personal touch - Portable lamps that involve touch to dim and can be carried around become more than just lights, they become an interactive part of your home and lifestyle. While most lamps live their days tucked away in the corner, a high-quality portable lamp will play a key role in setting the mood for the memories that you make within and outside of your home and with your loved ones. It is more than light - it is an experience!

Shop our entire table lamp collection here! 

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