Brand Spotlight: ANGAN

Brand Spotlight: ANGAN

It is no secret that when it comes to quality natural ingredients in skincare and scents that we often turn our attention to Iceland. With a landscape rich with resilient, flourishing nature and a culture that embodies the appreciation of the environmental elements, Iceland has become a hub for small businesses innovating some of the best new personal care products inspired by nature and rooted in connection.

Our current obsession and newest Icelandic brand addition to the shop is ANGAN. Between the quality, packaging, and background story, there is so much to adore about this one-of-a-kind skincare brand. ANGAN creates nutritional skincare that is ethical, sustainable, and made in a personal studio for constant assurance of quality and integrity. The motive behind this brand was born from the centuries-old rituals of Iceland, including bathing in natural geothermal pools, a life on the arctic ocean, and using old remedies from hand-picked arctic botanicals to nourish the skin. 

Founder, Iris Laxdal, is a nature lover and has years of education, research, and study that led her to evolving a career of architecture into becoming a natural skincare formulator. Iris desired a lifestyle that would allow her to nourish her body and mind in the face of the stressors of everyday life, which became the founding idea behind what would evolve into ANGAN. In addition to overseeing the production of ANGAN products, Iris additionally takes a leading role in specialized trips for women in Iceland to learn about bathing rituals, experience Iceland’s natural landscapes in the context of utilizing nourishing natural ingredients, and focuses on group conversations around wellness. 

Iris Laxdal

 Photograph of Iris Laxdal speaking at an Icelandic wellness retreat courtesy of Lauren Louise Collective

“When I was not able to find the right products for my sensitive skin that didn’t include synthetics and known irritants, I knew I had to create my own. By turning my kitchen into a beauty lab, the first products came to life” - Iris 

The main goal of ANGAN is to remind the user to take care of yourself, nurture yourself, remember yourself, and create a foundation of mental serenity and balance that will lead to overall increased confidence. ANGAN produces all products in small-batches, which means that each product is not mass-produced and is perfectly balanced as intended. Using wildcrafted whole plants, ANGAN pulls vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega and amino acids from their ingredients and into the products that will go directly onto the skin. These Icelandic wildcrafted plants are free from pesticides and pollution, are chemical-free, and sustainably harvested to ensure minimal environmental impact. 

Our curators personally try each product before deciding to add it to the Woodland Mod shelves. The product by ANGAN that really stood out after testing it was the Arctic Youth Face Oil. This daily ritual became a staple in the household and left the skin feeling moisturized and glowing without a sense of excess oiliness afterwards. The smell was subtle and natural and as a household of sensitive skin, left us feeling free from agitation or irritation. The oil went a long way and lasted much longer than expected given its petite jar, which was not only convenient but financially a satisfying investment for something that added a bit of serenity to the beginning and end of each day. Visually, the impacts on the face were clear and created a dramatic change in the vitality and glow of the skin. 

Arctic Youth Face Oil by Angan


Using 100% renewable geothermal energy to power their production, the entire process from start to finish of producing ANGAN products leaves zero CO2 and CH4 emissions. They also collaborate with an Icelandic sustainable sea salt producer who sources the mineral rich sea salt in the last stage of evaporation. Other ingredients that make up ANGAN products include berries, flowers, seaweeds, lichen, and Icelandic herbs full of antioxidants and nutrition for the skin. From everyday staples like Body Wash to Hand Lotion, or products for a special self-care night like the Volcanic Glow Body Oil and Deep Ocean Face Mask, ANGAN offers a new approach to nourishing the body that also acts in harmony with the natural landscapes in which the ingredients are harvested from. 

Deep Ocean Face Mask by Angan on a face


ANGAN has released a series of specialized tools to accompany their products as well, such as the Obsidian Gua Sha, the Jade Facial Roller, and the Mask Ritual Brush for the perfect smooth application of the Face Mask mix. Together, the products and the tools combine to make a formidable combo to gift to yourself or to someone who is deserving of some special self-care and relaxation. As a shop, we resonate strongly with the values and goals of ANGAN to promote a more chemical-free, sustainable, and mindful approach to products that we use on our bodies. Needless to say - ANGAN has become a very beloved and exciting addition to our shop! 


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