Top Book Picks: Travel and Exploration

Top Book Picks: Travel and Exploration

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Listen, there is no shame as an adult in enjoying a book for the photos as much as the words. Sometimes, words alone simply cannot do the breathtaking beauty of certain destinations justice. At our shop, we are huge fans of books with pictures, especially when those pictures are high quality, stunning photographs of places on our planet and adventures that we have never gotten to experience. Especially during the long wait for Summer, when the travel bug in us is dying to escape, there is nothing like opening an adventure-filled and visually stunning coffee table book that will take you to places that you had no idea you wanted to go.

Here are some of our favorite travel and exploration books that we carry in-store and online that are sure to satiate your urge to get away.


1. Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails

If you are craving the thrill of a challenging and gorgeous hike but can’t seem to find time to do it, Wanderlust: Hiking on Legendary Trails is the book for you. Not only is this book packed with inspiring landscape photos from around the globe, it also includes route maps, practical tips, and terrain descriptions for you to have once you are eventually ready to hit the trail. Even just from looking at the cover, you can taste the fresh mountainous air. 

This book is comprehensive for a variety of hikers, whether you prefer desert sands, coastal walking tracks, mountainous slopes, or forest pathways. This book will supply you with a lifetime of hiking trips to plan for. As one book of a whole Wanderlust Series, check out the other editions on our online shop. 

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Wanderlust Hiking on Legendary Trails Book Cover
Wanderlust Hiking on Legendary Trails Inside Page

2. Kinfolk Travel 

Yes, even travel can have Hygge. Kinfolk Travel brings a slower and more meaningful approach to seeing the world. With 352 pages and over 250 colorful photographs, find yourself exploring an intimate perspective of 25 destinations across six continents. We love this book because it teaches the reader the value of an attitude of discovery and learning over the traditional busy action-filled itinerary for the sake of checking things off of a list. 

Do less - see more. Learn to travel at a pace that is meaningful to you by consciously connecting with communities, nature, and culture.

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Kinfolk Travel Book Cover
Kinfolk Travel Inside Page


3. Sailing The Seas

Whether you have your sea legs or simply have an appreciation for the marine environment, Sailing The Seas is an incredibly captivating book for anyone looking for a nautical adventure. With full vibrant pages of photographs from the open ocean to the cliffs of coastal regions around the globe, this book will give you a holistic review of the sights, sounds, tastes, and fresh experiences to be had on a boat. It is as practical as it is visually pleasing, with detailed itineraries, location descriptions, and “captains notes” of tips for those daring enough to take to the waves themselves one day. 

Packed with stories from long-term solo voyagers to groups of friends on short sailing trips, you are sure to learn a ton about the lessons learned from spending time on the glorious and mysterious giant blue portion of our planet. 

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Sailing The Seas Book Cover
Sailing The Seas Inside Page


4. The Great Outdoors: 120 Recipes for Adventure Cooking

Food is an undeniably important element of pursuing your outdoor adventures. If you want to keep exploring, you must know how to properly nourish your body to take you there - however, this doesn’t mean you are destined to mediocre freeze-dried camping food. The Great Outdoors: 120 Recipes for Adventure Cooking takes the rustic outdoor meal to the next level with innovative yet practical tasty meals to make under the stars. 

Packed with equipment and ingredient advice to go with each recipe, this book is a must-have for your next outdoor adventure. It also features delectable photos of these recipes against the backdrop of rustic natural scenes to really set the mood and make your stomach growl.

Buy The Great Outdoors: 120 Recipes for Adventure Cooking Here

The Great Outdoors Cookbook Cover
The Great Outdoors cookbook inside page cooking on a beach


5. Epic Train Journeys

Train travel takes a new meaning when you stop seeing these machines as simply a way to get from A to B, but also as a way to experience journeys through mountainous terrains, tropical jungles, and breathtaking scenery that you otherwise would not get to witness in a single trip. Train travel is not limited to the physically fit or athletically daring, all you need is an open mind, a love for observing the unfamiliar, and the desire to unwind and let the train do the hard work for you. Not only are trains visually a great way to comfortably explore new places, but they are a more sustainable, engaging, and often cheaper alternative to flying by plane.

Epic Train Journeys gives you a view out the window of the world’s most memorable rail routes with striking photography, practical route planning tips, and destination connections that range from the local day trip to the cross-country adventure. 

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Epic Train Journeys Book Cover
Epic Train Journeys Inside Page Mountainous train route


6. Remote Places to Stay

“The more space you have around you, the more space you discover within yourself” - Pico Iyer 
Travel does not always need to be rooted in visiting the world’s most popular and bustling destinations. In fact, finding the more secluded pockets of the world can offer a chance to disconnect, slow down, and learn just as much about yourself as you will learn about your travel destination. Remote Places to Stay highlights the lesser-known open spaces around the globe that offer the perfect opportunity to unwind, including some spots only accessible by foot, mountain trail, or bush plane.

 For those looking for a peaceful escape, this photography-filled guide will give you a glimpse into the more remote hotel destinations in various climates and environments that are sure to put your mind at ease whether you can visit in-person or simply enjoy them by flipping through the pages. 

Buy Remote Places to Stay Here

Remote Places To Stay Book Cover
Remote Places To Stay Desert Hotel Scenery


Each of these books creates an irresistible urge for guests and friends visiting your home to look through and be transported somewhere new. Each provides an easy way to go on one adventure a day, or simply skim through the stunning landscape photography for a nice mental break. 

We carry many adventure-packed visually stunning coffee table books, which can be found in our shop and online

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