5 Ways to Support Brick and Mortar Shops Post-Holidays

5 Ways to Support Brick and Mortar Shops Post-Holidays

A new year has arrived, and with it comes a sense of winding down from the intensity of the holiday season bustle for both businesses and customers. While the months following November and December can be a time for people to regain a sense of calm normalcy (and recover the bank account from Holiday spending), it is also a period of decreased business for small shops and local businesses, especially in the field of retail. It can be a big and often daunting adjustment for brick and mortar shops to go from constant crowds to many quiet days.

If you have found yourself wanting to keep supporting your favorite shops but are finding it hard, whether it be due to less motive or a tight budget - don’t fret! There are many other cost-free ways that you can support brick and mortar businesses without breaking the bank. 

#1: Leave a Positive Review 

If you have ever had a positive experience with a small business, leaving a positive review online through forums like Google reviews, Yelp, Square, or other platforms is extremely valuable to businesses that are growing their platforms. For our shop, we read and value every single review left for us, as it is a lovely reflection of the hard work that goes into running a small business. Each positive review also encourages curious potential customers to visit or place an online order by building trust through the word of previous customers. Don’t have time to write a long review or upload photos? Even a simple 5-star rating with no words is extremely appreciated!

Leave Woodland Mod a Google review

#2 Engage on Social Media 

In the age of everything digital, especially post-pandemic, brick and mortar stores are increasing their online presence in apps such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. to build their audience and spread the word about their products. If you are active on these platforms, simply following the store’s account and engaging with their posts via likes, comments, or sharing their content with your friends can be a small act with big impact during the slower months in retail. We love getting tagged in your photos of your time in our shop or of your Woodland Mod items at home. The more engagement that a page gets on social media, the bigger the chance of being discovered by new people who have never heard of the store before.

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#3 Spread the Word! 

If you are unable to financially support your favorite shop at a given time, perhaps you know someone who is in need of some new items for their home or a gift for a special occasion. Sending your friends and family to your favorite shop is a great way to help out your loved ones while also potentially creating new loyal customers to the shop. Many of our customers have told us that they discovered us through word of mouth suggestions from other people they know. Your endorsement means a lot!

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#4 Attend Local Shop Events 

For stores like ours, we often will host various events during and after hours that are fun, engaging, and do not require a shopping budget! Hosting small events is a shop’s way of connecting with the community and often elevates other small-scale or local artists. Past events that we have hosted include Sofar music shows, Charcuterie demonstrations, and book signings. Bring some friends and have a great time while also supporting your favorite shop!

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#5 Create a Wish List or Registry 

While the Holidays have passed, some people will have plenty to celebrate in the months following, including birthdays, weddings, new housing, graduations, baby showers, and more! If you have any of these events upcoming, consider creating a wish list or registry with items from your favorite stores. This is a direct way to send your friends and family to a small business to buy a gift for you that they otherwise would have purchased elsewhere. We are happy to talk to people wishing to do a registry for any occasion with our store. 

To inquire about a registry or wish list, email info@woodlandmod.com

We hope that this list has given you some creative ways to support your local brick and mortar stores this new year as we all settle back into everyday life post-holidays. Supporting small businesses all year round means building community! 

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