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Fischersund Incense Cones

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Allow these beloved Icelandic Incense Cones to fill your home with Fischersund's signature smoky and addictive fragrance. Each cone is handmade with Icelandic essential oils and is housed in a hand-stamped tin box made by the family's father Birgir - the final artistic touch from their family to yours.

Comes in a pack of 11

Simply light the top of the incense cone, blow out the flame, rest it on a fire-safe surface, and let the incense slowly burn, filling your space with the aroma.

Fischersund from Iceland is a family-run business that harnesses a collective of artisans at the intersection of scent, shop, gallery and art. The team includes Jonsi (of acclaimed Icelandic band Sigur Rós), Lilja, Inga Birgis, Rosa and their partners Sindri and Kjartan.

Handmade in Iceland

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