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Sounds of Summer Vol.1 Vinyl - Fischersund

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Introducing Sounds of Summer. Fischersund's 8th limited edition vinyl.

In celebration of the release of their limited edition fragrance, Quarter to Five, Icelandic Perfumery and family, including Jónsi from acclaimed Icelandic rock band Sigur Rós, released a 7“ vinyl by Kjartan Holm, Sin Fang and Jónsi.

Inspired by the moment of confusion and elation you feel as you leave the steamy darkness of the bar and walk into the fresh air and light of a summer morning after all the bars have closed at Quarter to Five in the morning.

Escape into the world of Quarter to Five:
Háir hælar uppá klístruðum borðum
Hjartans mál öskruð í eyru
Loka lag, leitandi augu, ljósin kveikt
Allir út.
Út í sólskin og fuglasöng
Út úr myrkri í ofbirtu
Niðdimm ringulreið blandast seigfljótandi út í glænýjan morgun
Endurfæðing, eftirpartý, Hlölli
Hönd yfir öxl, taktlaust fótatak og söngur

Steamy air and sticky floors
Secrets shouted into curious ears
Final song, last call, lights on.
Everyone out.
Out into sunshine and birdsong
Out of the darkness into hyperlight
Pitch-black chaos blends into a new, crisp morning
Rebirth, afterparty, fast-foodInterlocked arms, singing all the way home

8 x 8" vinyl sleeve

Made in Iceland

Fischersund from Iceland is a family-run business that harnesses a collective of artisans at the intersection of scent, shop, gallery and art. The team includes Jonsi (of acclaimed Icelandic band Sigur Rós), Lilja, Inga Birgis, Rosa and their partners Sindri and Kjartan.

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