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Vintage Linen Kitchen Towel

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One of the best ways to keep everything dry and clean is to use Linen Kitchen Towel. A unique rough texture of the vintage fabric lets the piece dry quickly, and you can use it as often as you need; the drying performance improves with every use.

Natural-hued European linen and contrasting stripes of rich color give this thirsty tea towel a vintage European look and feel. An essential item for the natural kitchen it’s made in Lithuania from 100% European flax and is pre-washed for extra softness.  Lithuanian linen dates to around 2000 BC and is renowned for its high quality and superior absorbency. It soaks up twice its weight in moisture before feeling damp making it ideal for tasks like drying dishes and hands and cleaning up messes. It’s also the rare material that gets better and more beautifully textured with time, making it the definitive heirloom fabric.

Size: 18'' x 26'' | 45 x 65 cm
Sold Individually

- Has hanging hook

- 100% linen, 310 g/m2

- OEKO-TEX® and EUROPEAN FLAX® certified linen

- Made in Lithuania

EASY CARE: Machine washable (40°C/104°F); tumble dry on low heat; wash separately or with similar colors. Wrinkling is part of linen's charm – the wrinklier the fabric, the purer it is. We do not recommend ironing your linens but if you must, do it on low heat when the garment is still a little damp.