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T-190 Toolbox Copper

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Toyo's perfectly proportioned T-190 Mini Toolbox is the pen and pencil box of our dreams. It's pressed from a solid sheet of steel and built with a seamless design that will work smoothly for many years. And although it is a simple object, the T-190 has a substantial feel and glossy, powder coated finish that make it luxurious to use.

Four feet on the bottom of each box match the four divots in the lid, so you can stack multiple T-190 toolboxes and store your whole collection.

The T-190 Mini Toolbox measures 8" x 4.3" x 2.2"
Made in Japan

Founded in 1969, TOYO STEEL was the world's first manufacturer to develop "deep drawing" technology to make a seamless toolbox from a single sheet of steel. Today, TOYO remains a leader in industrial design, with multiple award-winning toolboxes and an idealistic approach to making products that improve everyday life