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Soft Stone Tea Cup

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Soft Stone Ishi Series is an iteration of Soft Stone inspired by grey rock in Japanese dry garden (枯山水) by Neko.Co.Neko. Outside of the cup is an eggshell white glaze on top of white slip covered black clay body, two variations for inside: one is satin black, the other is creamy white, both create a dynamic running look on the rim. It represents soft and quiet beauty. it is the art of “silent”, augment an acute sense of being, emphasizing an authentic, considered lifestyle.

This inviting, handless cup is great for coffee and tea. Beautiful to look at, satisfying to hold, easy to grip, and very proudly made by hand . Enjoy tea or coffee with them every day, and any special day.

On its own, or nested with other Soft Stone pieces — all of which make wonderful gifts.

~ 3 1/4" Height, 3 1/2" Diam.
Wheel-thrown + hand paint slip pattern
Holding around 250~280ml at capacity
Made in the USA

Due to the nature of handmade ceramics, every cup will have slight variations in appearance, shape, pattern, and color. Your cup is unique!