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Sake Cup Tasting Set

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This is one of our favorite gifts to give as a wedding gift, housewarming gift, hostess gift, milestone birthday gift, or any occasion! Perfect for your favorite sophisticate who enjoys trying new things in style. The different shapes call for different types of sake. The Straight is for light tasting varieties, the Rappa is for smooth aromatic types of sake. The Wanguri is for a distinctly earthy flavor sake. The Tsubomi is for full-bodied varieties of sake. The four cups come neatly packaged in a box together.

Over a century ago, Kaneko Kohyo embarked on a journey of porcelain craftsmanship atop the picturesque kilns of Toki, Japan. The result? Sake vessels that exude a handcrafted quality and warmth that machines simply cannot replicate.

Straight: 1.75" diameter x 2.75"h; 2 oz. capacity.
Rappa: 2.75" diameter x 2.2"h; 2 oz. capacity.
Wanguri: 2.25" diameter x 2"h; 2 oz. capacity.
Tsubomi: 2" diameter x 2.25"h; 2 oz. capacity.

Microwave, dishwasher safe
Made in Japan