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Pine Candle Vessel + Hiljaisuus Candle

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A candle container made of Finnish pine lasts a lifetime. You can always replace a burnt candle with a new one, so all parts that wear can be replaced. The candle container is made of a single piece of wood without adhesive seams, making it a very durable and ecological choice. Wood is the most environmentally friendly and fully renewable material compared to glass, plastic, and metal.

Includes the scented candle Hiljaisuus

The scented candle Hiljaisuus is luxurious and harmonious. You can sense notes of neroli, vanilla, and plum.

Ecological hiljaisuus scented candle made of soywax and selected essential oils in a container made of recycled aluminum. The aromatic and luxurious vegetable wax candle burns cleanly and is emission-free, spreading a wonderful aromatherapeutic atmosphere around it.

This package contains pine candle vessel and scented candle hiljaisuus.

Pine candle vessel: 86mm x 86mm
Scented candle: 120g
Ingredients: non-gmo soy wax, parfum
Burns for up to 28 hours

Natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable
NO preservatives, alcohol, synthetics, water, coloring

Hand made in Finland