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OFURO Bath Powder

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The OFURO bath powder is a mixture of Hydrogen gas generating material and Negative Hydrogen Ion. This creates tiny bubbles that coat your whole body, promotes skin metabolism, and keep your skin looking young. Enjoy this powder mixture in your next bath and let the regenerative properties soothe your skin. Coming in a convenient minimal material package, this also makes for a lovely gift to someone needing a bit of self-care.  

To use: Pour the entire pouch into your bath tub filled with hot water (approximately 40 -53 gallons / 150-200L). Mix well and enjoy!

Pouches Sold Individually

Made in Japan

30g / 1.06 oz (pouch)

Care Instructions: *If any irritation occurs during or after use, consult a physician right away. *This product does not include sulfur which damages your tub. However, it is not recommended to keep OFURO bath water in your tub for longer than 24 hours. Please read your tub's instructions for its care. *This is not for internal use. If swallowed, drink plenty of water to throw it up and consult your physician right away. *Avoid storing it in high-temperature rooms, or under direct sunlight. *If you get OFURO powder in your eye, do nut rub. Rinse well with cold or warm water. *Intended for bath use only. *Use right after opening. *Keep away from children.

Ingredients: Sodium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, boron-containing compound, sodium citrate, coral powder.