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Master Shin's Anvil - Large Chef Knife

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Master Shin's Anvil: Anseong is a South Korean city known for its brass, stone and iron implements, as well as a famous market of traditional craft and trade. The Shin Blacksmith was established there in 1845, today is the 5th generation of the family and the oldest blacksmith in Korea.

Master Shin In-Young produces the best handmade knives and farming tools in Korea and was named by the Gyeonggi Province as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Treasure in 2016. With knife production, the steel is hammered a thousand times to reach the thin and sharp edge, which keeps sharp longer than inferior knives. Master Shin’s knives do not have the angular beveled edge seen in Japanese and Western knives; this is Master’s Shin’s preference which takes additional hammering to achieve, and is an another unique feature of his.

This very large kitchen knife makes quick work of chopping a wide array of meat and large produce. The thickness of the blade results in a heavier knife that does much of the work for you and making meal preparation a breeze. 

Full Length: 11.75"
Blade Length: 7" x Width: 3.25"
Handle Length: 4.75"
Material: Iron, chestnut wood handle
Design by: Shin In-Young

Please handle with extra care and caution, by purchasing you are confirming that you are over 18 years of age. Extremely sharp - please keep out of reach of children.