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Introducing handmade "paper-thin" wooden plates from the KAMI series. Functional as plates or trays and designed to match the other KAMI tablewares.

The flavorful natural wood is made from sen from Hokkaido. The beautiful grain of wood is attractive, so that it is also used for makeup boards and so on. The wood as a whole is light yellow and white, but it will appear shiny at some angles. The texture is low-key but slender and beautiful, making it suitable for any work. It is also often used for interior decoration. 

Sold Individually 
Available in various sizes, they can be stacked in a nested manner. 

  • XS φ140mm (5.51 inches diameter) 
  • S φ180mm (7.01 inches diameter)
  • M φ240mm (9.45 inches diameter)

Founded in 1965, Takahashi Kougei began as a grinder that manufactures furniture, such as table legs and ornamental posts in cupboards. Grinding is an advanced technique that has long been used by rotating materials with Woodworking machines called lathe and molding them with cutlery.

Avoid using a microwave oven, dishwasher, and attaching for a long time. Please do not pour hot water just after boiling. It may cause deformation or cracking. After use, attach a diluted neutral detergent to the sponge, please wash with warm water. Then wipe the moisture with a cloth and dry thoroughly.