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Wooden mug handmade of the rare Castor Aralia tree grown in Hokkaido. Each mug is hand shaped by master woodworker Takahashi Kougei, who is able to turn it down to 2 millimeters thick. This allows light through, heat to be retained, and remain sturdy. "Kami" means "paper" in Japanese, and it is named after its sheer texture. It gives a smooth, warm touch on your lips.

Each mug takes a full four weeks from a single piece of rough lumber to final product and an astonishing amount of effort to hand produce.

They are lightweight, easy to hold, and are resistant to breaking when dropped, so they can also be used by young children.

Medium: Approximately 9 oz
Small: Approximately 7 oz

Material: Castor Aralia Wood (with food grade coating)
Designer: Masanori Oji
Maker: Takahashi Kougei
Place of Origin: Hokkaido, Japan
Care: Hand wash