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Humdakin Diffuser - Ample

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One of our most popular and in-demand products! 

Humdakin's fragrance sticks diffuse a delicate scent that feels, safe, warm, and cozy. This lovely scent creates a comforting and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Styled with an elegant bottle, this diffuser will last for months and prolongs the feeling of a freshly cleaned home. 

The Ample scent combines the sweet floral aroma of lotus flower with the refreshing scent of bergamot. 

250 ml
10 sticks

This diffuser comes with 10 sticks. Place 3-10 sticks in the bottle depending on the strength that you are hoping for. The sticks will soak up the scent from the fluid and diffuse it into the air of your home. Replace sticks when smell fades. This diffuser can be refilled. 

Ingredients: Limonene, Linalool, Heliotropine, Cis-4-tert-butylcyclohexl acetate, Citronell