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Home Mist - Strand

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Strand Home Mist by Earl of East

Hand blended in Earl's East London studio the Strand Home Mist is inspired by Copenhagen. This is a very complex scent combining the salty notes of seaweed with birchwood, bay leaf and mandarin rind to create a rich scent perfect for evenings at home or for a sophisticated dinner party. On a weekend trip to Copenhagen, Earl of East's scent creators were inspired to pay homage to the sophistication and charm of the city and its surrounding coastline by creating one of their favorite scents; Strand.

Much like the city that inspires it, Strand is a sophisticated, layered scent that celebrates the seamless contrast of urban living intertwined with the sea air of Copenhagen.

Moving into the cooler months, take a little influence from a city that does both Summer and Winter so well, along with their lifestyle, flavors, and of course style.

This home fragrance spray transforms the atmosphere with just a few sprays.

Size: 100ml [3.5oz]
Hand blended in London