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Hetkinen 200ml Diffusers

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Natural room fragrance glass bottles with a blend of essential oils and natural mixture for improved fragrance diffusion. Each bottle comes with a sealed stopper and 2 natural pine wood sticks, which absorb the scent and diffuse it into the surrounding air. Will scent a room for 6+ months. Scent your livingroom, bathroom or office with these stunning, stylish, and comforting diffusers by Hetkinen in Finland.

Finnish Sisu empowers your senses with menthol and black pepper.

Pine Forest has a pure scent of pine needles.

Shinrin Yoku is Japanese and means a forest bath, in other words a trip to the forest.

Happy Holidays has sweet notes of tangerine, cinnamon, and vetiver for winter. 

200ml bottle + 2 wood sticks
Made in Finland 

Natural, vegan, sustainable, plastic-free, and cruelty-free