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Hetkinen 100ml Diffusers

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Natural room fragrance glass bottles with a blend of essential oils and natural mixture for improved fragrance diffusion. Each bottle comes with a sealed stopper and 2 natural pine wood sticks, which absorb the scent and diffuse it into the surrounding air. Will scent a room for 3+ months. Scent your livingroom, bathroom or office with these stunning, stylish, and comforting diffusers by Hetkinen in Finland.

Finnish Sisu empowers your senses with menthol and black pepper.

Pine Forest has a pure scent of pine needles.

Shinrin Yoku is Japanese and means a forest bath, in other words a trip to the forest.

Other Summer flowery, fresh, summery. Top notes of lemon, white rose, and vanilla.

Kalevala (new) is Finland’s national work of epic poetry from the 19th century and a cornerstone of Finnish culture. In the rooty scent of Kalevala, you can sense notes of juniper, dead wood, green birch leaves, and pine.

Momma scent comes from Mother Earth and all mothers and parents living on earth. Cardamom, ravintsara, and rosemary

is curious, motivated, and full of life. In the scent, you can sense sandalwood, grapefruit, cedarwood, and lavender.

100ml bottle + 2 wood sticks
Made in Finland 

Natural, vegan, sustainable, plastic-free, and cruelty-free