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Hiba Wood 100% Pure Essential Oil - 10ml

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This pure Hiba essential has a unique citrusy, cedar-like fragrance with purifying, uplifting, and stimulating effects. It’s great for use in an aroma diffuser - by itself or as part of a blend!

Hiba is one of the most revered trees in Japan. They take up to 300 years to grow, and produce durable, rot-resistant wood. Studies have shown that Hinokitiol, only found in Aomori-bred Hiba trees (not to be confused with Hinoki), has potent antimicrobial, germicidal, insect-repellent, and deodorizing properties. Hiba essential oil is extracted from the wood waste of mature trees through vapor distillation. The trees are not harmed in any way. Avoid use during pregnancy.

Ingredients: Aomori Hiba Oil
100% Pure Essential Oil

Antimicrobial, Insect Repelling, Odor Eliminating

Developed in Los Angeles, founded by a Japanese couple who are a long time therapists, using Hiba essential oil, only found in 300 year old Aomori Hiba trees from Aomori, Japan. 

Studies have shown the Hinokitiol, found only in Aomori Hiba Oil, to have anitmicrobial, germicidal, insect repellent, and deodorizing properties. These properties make Aomori Hiba Trees unique to other Hiba trees grown in other parts of the world.

Hand made in California