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Glass Wine Decanter

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As beautiful as it is functional, this stunning and impressively designed Wine Decanter aerates wine to enhance the aroma and flavor. Wine thinly cascades down the aerating sphere, exposing the maximum surface area of the wine to the air while creating an unexpected and captivating display. Made of hand-blown glass, the Wine Decanter features a generously sized base that rests on a minimalist ash wood trivet to protect surfaces. To serve, remove the aerator, place it on the included metal coaster, and enjoy.

Weight — 2.8 lb
Capacity — 69.3 fl oz

Hand-blown glass
Polished stainless steel
Ash wood

Cleaning: The aerator and metal coaster of the Wine Decanter are dishwasher safe. The wood trivet and glass vessel should be hand-washed.

To use: 
(1) Place metal aerator into Wine Decanter.

(2) Pour wine through aerator. Wine will collect in decanter.

(3) Remove the metal coaster from the wood trivet to serve. Remove the aerator from the Wine Decanter and place on the coaster.

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