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The Pebble Bottle Opener Black

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Ganbei, meaning “Cheers!” in Chinese, invites you to savor its presence. Easily mistaken for a large pebble, its zinc alloy body bears a rough matte finish, giving it a stone-like appearance. The steel-reinforced opening at the bottom features an innovative 360-degree design that can open bottles from any angle. Hefty and reassuring, The Pebble forges a connection to the art of libation.

Recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award, this bottle opener captivates with its unrivaled form factor, making it the perfect companion for celebrating lifes precious moments – a toast to joy and celebration.

Zinc alloy, Stainless steel
ø 2.6 × H 0.87 in. / ø 6.6 × H 2.2 cm