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Essential Oil Dropper - 1917

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Evolving our scents into new forms, 1917 Essential Oil Dropper 10ml is now available as a home fragrance to be used with FRAMA's room diffusers. Crafted with natural extracted oils, the essence is a subtle and gentle way to infuse the air with fresh fragrance and create a warm, welcoming ambience in your spaces.

1917 is a contemporary interpretation of the classical Chypre from 1917, evoking and setting a template for re-discovery. The Mediterranean flora of Cyprus gives this fragrance its vibrant yet mysterious character. Dried herbs and tempera. A scent messenger of symbolism, a fascinating gift of nature.

Key notes: Bergamot, Lilac, Oakmoss, Patchouli
Aroma: Floral, Green, Earthy

Pure essence crafted in Italy with natural, hand-picked ingredients