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Egg-shaped, wooden cups that fit gently in your hands. Each cup is carved from a single piece of wood, making the grain continuous and smooth to the touch. "Cara" is a series of egg-shaped tableware making the most of the warmth of wood as a material and thin-wood-curving techniques. 

Founded in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, in 1965 by Shoichi Takahashi, a lathe worker. Takahashi Kougei launched in the 1980's the production of wood cups and sugar pots using lathes, becoming the founder of the Asahikawa group of wood tableware makers. They create simple and functional tableware using mainly Hokkaido-grown trees. While preserving the look and feel of wood, these items have a modern sensibility, enabling them to blend naturally into the contemporary lifestyle.

Small: Diam 70 x H 65 mm
Medium: Diam 80 x H 80 mm
Material: Japanese-sourced Linden Wood

Made in Japan

Each cup is sold separate and arrives in a protective box. 

This product has a food-grade polyurethane coating. This coating acts as a barrier to help protect the wood as is food safe.