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Bite Mint Toothpaste Bits Refill Pack

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Made with clean, vegan-friendly ingredients whitening Mint Fluoride toothpaste bits will keep your teeth healthy and our oceans clean.

Each pouch contains 124 bits.

Bite mint toothpaste jar sold separately 

These convenient tablets contain clean ingredients, naturally fresh flavors, and are vegan friendly. 


  • Bite down on your bit
  • Brush with a wet toothbrush
  • Smile and watch it foam up like magic
  • Repeat twice a day, every day

Free from: Harsh chemicals, plastic tubes in landfills, cruel animal testing, artificial flavoring, sulfates, parabens

Made with nHAp: Nano-hydroxyapatite is a mineral that's been proven to strengthen and restore teeth. It is a non-fluoride alternative that strengthens and remineralizes enamel while helping fight sensitivity.