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Hetkinen Body Fragrance - Bark Bout

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A supermellow scent with a mission for the wood

This scent is like the best and most beautiful wood raw material. The scent is warm, golden brown, and earthy. The scent is full of aromas of the wood, resin, and a returning to the roots.

TOP NOTES cedarwood

HEART NOTES spruse resin

BASE NOTES vetiver

Scents go into emotions and are stored better in memory than other senses. So, it’s not irrelevant what kind of message you pass on about yourself to others.

The two natural perfumes from Hetkinen are inspired by the clean forests and trees of the north. Hetkinen uses needles, leaves, bark, roots, and resin from the trees in various ways in the fragrance formula.

Both fragrances have the famous pine oil, which is used in other Hetkinen products as well. The fragrance consists of 100% natural oils, absolutes, fragrance components, and organic alcohol. The fragrances are unisex, and they adapt to their own personal scent on each skin/garment.

How to use: remove cap, press down to spray onto your pulse points.

Made in Finland
Natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainably made, free of preservatives and synthetics