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Crafting a soap formula is a science of balance. Herbowski, based in Kent, England, use 100% natural plant-based ingredients and essential oils, including a base of birch juice in all of their soaps. Each cold process soap is hand-poured and cured for a minimum of 8 weeks. 

Altai Parenie: Abundant with enriching butters and oils, Altai Parenie cleansing soap bar is apt for all skin types. Distilled with Eucalyptus and Birch, this cleansing soap bar holds the elemental staples of Banya at its core. All skin types: face, hands and body. Key Ingredients: Birch Juice, Nettle Leaf and Root, Horsetail Plant, Lavender, Comfrey Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Birch Leaf, Ziziphora, Plantain Leaf, Eucalyptus.

Dawn Smoke: This mineral-rich soap is terra ad infinitum; utilizing the innate detoxifying properties of Cambrian Blue Clay and the enlivening powers of Activated Charcoal to avow you a deep, prosperous detox. Suitable for normal and oily skin types: body, face and hands. 

Tidal Ebbs: Tidal Ebbs exfoliating salt soap bar bestows a gentle touch to all manner of skin types – utilizing the mineral rich character of Sea Salt and Wild Kelp for a hydrating and toned bathe. Gently exfoliating soap bar for use on body.  Adversary to inflammation, the concoction of exfoliating minerals the likes of Calcium and Magnesium both cleanses your skin whilst keeping it hydrated for longer.

Wildwood Zephyr: Crafted for sensitive and dry skin, Wildwood Zephyr cleansing bar harnesses the soothing powers of Sea Buckthorn and probiotic Kefir to nourish, becalm and moisturize your body, hands or face. Unscented, suits all skin types. 

Bar soaps sold individually

No single-use plastic — face, body and hand wash, without the plastic bottle — each Cleansing Bar eliminates 50ml of single-use plastic waste. Each product is shipped in a recycled paper box with soy-based ink. This can be recycled with your other paper materials. Carbon neutral — Herbowski offsets 100% of their carbon footprint by investing in strategic forest preservation projects.