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TWIG Natural Laundry Vinegar

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Hetkinen laundry vinegar will make your laundry smell clean and fresh, just like authentic conifer needles. It will smell like your clothes had spent a day in the woods.

Laundry vinegar is made of organic Finnish spirit vinegar. The scent comes from genuine essential oils and extracts made of Finnish spruce and pine needles.

Laundry vinegar is suitable for all kinds of laundry. It protects the textile and extends the lifespan of your clothes. Laundry vinegar also keeps the colors of your clothes bright and vibrant. Laundry vinegar does not cover unpleasant odors but neutralizes them completely. The smell of organic vinegar evaporates entirely as the textile dries out, leaving only a clean and mild scent of Finnish forest.

Maintains colors, extends the life of the textile, softens laundry and removes the static

Also cleans and freshens the washing machine

Does not burden nature

500 ml
Made in Finland
Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-free

Use: Acts as a fabric conditioner, refreshing and softening the laundry. Shake the bottle before using. Dispense vinegar 2-3 caps directly into the washing machine rinsing box.

Ingredients: acetic acid, aqua, pinus sylvestris oil, picea mariana oil, pinus sylvestris extract, picea abies exract, rosmarinus officinalis oil, mentha piperita oil,
picea abies wood extract, citral*, linalool*, limonene*