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Observe the beauty and form of an avocado plant’s leaves and roots as they sprout in this bulbous glass vase. Designers Ed Spurr and Amy Hall Browne of ILEX Studio drew their inspiration from Spurr’s stint at Matthew Marks Gallery in New York. Spurr organized the flower arrangements for a dinner held for artist Ellsworth Kelly after the opening reception of Kelly’s exhibition of beautiful and simple plant drawings. The artworks opened the eyes of the designers to observe the form of leaves and to contemplate nature in a new way.

The Avocado Vase allows you to enjoy this process simply: just fill it with water and place a pit (not included) in the small chamber at the top, and watch it grow, day by day. The ILEX Studio Avocado Vase is made in the UK.

Size: 6" H x 6"diam.

How long will it take for my avocado plant to grow?

Within 2-3 weeks the seed will germinate and the roots will begin to emerge.
After 4 weeks, the leaves will sprout and the roots will start to extend into the vase's chamber. After 6 weeks the plant and its leaves will be a few inches tall and the roots will begin to fill the chamber.

Please note that each individual plant's growth rate varies depending on the amount of sunlight and warmth it is receiving in your home.