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Tamba Incense Tray - Octagon White

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This Incense Tray was designed by the makers of Hibi Incense Matches (also sold at Woodland Mod). The tray is designed to fit the Hibi burning pad (included with every box of Hibi matches) perfectly in the center. 

Tamba pottery weaves together 850 years of history. The Tamba kiln is known as one of the six ancient kilns of Japan and has been in use since the Heian period (794-1185). Two generations of family continue to make Tamba pottery. The unique texture occurs when pinewood used to fuel the kiln sprinkles ash that melds with the clay and glaze. The white and black clay is harvested from traditional local sources. 

Materials: Porcelain
Made by: Hibi
Made in: Japan
Specifications: 3" diameter, with a recess sized to fit a Hibi burning pad