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Incense Ellipse Tripod

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This incense burner is shaped into a gorgeous elliptical shape and has three legs to match its three holes for holding incense. The dark consistent texture makes for a stunning sculptural piece for a shelf or table, while serving functionally as a incense holder that will assist in capturing the falling ash in the bowl part of the sculpture, keeping surfaces clean.

Nanbu style cast ironware is a traditional craft of Iwate Prefecture in Japan's northern Tohoku region.

The word "Nanbu" comes from the name of the samurai clan who ruled the area during the Edo period. It is the Nanbu clan who constructed Morioka Castle in 1611 and who, it is said, sparked the development of the Nambu cast ironworking when craftsmen from Kyoto were invited north to make teapots. 

Nanbu cast iron goods emanate a warmth and serenity, which speaks to the craftsmanship and centuries-old techniques upheld to this day. 

6" x 2-3/8" x 2"h.
Cast iron.
Made in Japan