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Made with both you and the planet in mind, this floss is plastic-free and plant-based made from unflavored corn starch PLA. Coming in a refillable jar, this floss is infinitely reusable and made to last. 

No matter how well you brush your teeth, brushing alone only reaches 65% of your tooth surface, leaving plenty of room for plaque and bacteria to grow. Matter of fact, there more than over 500 species of bacteria in your mouth. Some are good (yay friends!) but some are bad and can wreak havoc on your teeth, gums and oral cavity.

And that's where Floss comes in — Flossing helps get in between teeth, preventing plaque and bacteria from making themselves at home.

30 meters
100% Vegan
Refillable + Compostable
100% Plastic-free
Ingredients: Polylactic acid and Canella Wax
Free from: 
Teflon, Silk, Plastic, Animal Testing