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Woody Bird Black Stained Oak

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Woody Bird is a beautiful bird silhouette made of veneer. The decorative bird is a handcraft with great sense of design and detail, launched during Spring 2020. It can sit upright or be leaned down to emulate pecking at the ground.

"The design of woody bird is inspired by old handicraft. My goal was to create a volume utilizing outer contours only, resulting in a minimalist product with a minimal material consumption."
- Eddie Gustafsson

Eddie Gustafsson is a Swedish designer who works out of a studio nestled in the lush nature of Sweden’s Småland region, known for its prolific design industry. As a creative problem solver, Gustafsson continuously inspects his surroundings and social context for ways to improve people’s lives while making them more beautiful.

Size: Medium
Dimensions:  24 × 6 × 18 cm