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Seed Mix - Fragrant Mix

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A perfumery grows.

Always stop and smell the flowers. Cut a bouquet. Keep them where you can enjoy the wafts of spicy, sweet floral aroma. Remove spent flowers for new blooms to grow. 

Simply prepare a weed-free bed area, broadcast the mixture evenly over the area. Lightly rake the seed and gently tamp into soil to ensure good seed to soil contact. The Seed should be no deeper than 1/8". Keep area moist to aid in germination. 

Days to harvest: 10-15
Planting times: In cooler climates, plant in Spring and Early Summer. In warmer climates, plant in Spring through late Fall. 
Area: Best in areas of full to near-full sun.

Seeds mix includes: Levendar, Sweet Pea, Cornflower, Sweet Sultan, Sweet William, Forget Me Not, Bird's Eye, Candytuft, Siberian, Wallflower