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Let's Get Real Bro: The Game

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"After my fair share of anxiety, I made this game seeing how much value I got from more open and in-depth conversations, something left out of my upbringing as a man. I saw these conversations not only supported my mental health, but more importantly, left me feeling more connected with others." - Weston (creator)

Ultimately, this game is a tool to create moments to explore, uncover, and share what makes us who we are. While scary at times, it is in this process that our relationships can transform. This game delves into subjects around masculinity, feelings, and mental & emotional health. 

The game: A conversation card game to connect over your hopes, dreams, and also your sh*t. Think Cards Against Humanity meets your therapist. Geared towards guys, playable by all (10 or so gendered cards. Swap your gender or pull 'em out).

How to play: Pick a question to ask. Others write a response and share. Pick the one that speaks most to you and give 'em the card as a point. First to 3 points wins (realness champ).

Includes 90 Question Cards, 6 Dry Erase Card & Markers
1-6 players
~45min play time
Ages 17+ (few swear words)