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Iris Hantverk Bar Soap 3 Pack - Lemongrass, Poppy, Lavender

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A heavenly Soap 3-pack consisting of lemongrass, poppyseed and lavender scented bars. These are mild and creamy soaps that are scented with natural essential oils. Poppy soap has a scrubbing effect and lavender soap contains lavender flowers. The three bars come in a drawstring canvas bag, making it perfect for gift giving or for keeping your soaps together before use. 

Weight 473 g
Length 13.5 cm
Width 8 cm
Height 4.5 cm 

About Iris Hantverk: In the late 1900s century a small brush manufacturing started out in Stockholm. It was a successful movement so successful that it remains today. Now, as then, every brush is made by hand by visually impaired craftsmen. It brings new dimensions to the concept of sensitively made by hand. They also produce bath and body goods, such as these soaps.

Ingredients/inci: Sodium palmate, aqua, sodium cocate, glycerine, sodium, hydroxide, Etidronic acid, Persea gratissima oil, Cymbopogon flexuosus, Mentha spicata, Papaver somniferum, Prunus amygdalus oil, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Lavandula angustifolia