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Humdakin Spray Bottle

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An empty 500ml spray bottle that is the perfect companion to Humdakin's Universal Cleaner (also available at Woodland Mod!) or any cleaning solution that needs diluting. Or, it can also be used for water to keep your plants nice and hydrated!

For cleaning, pour a small teaspoon of cleaner in the empty spray bottle and fill the rest with lukewarm water for easy diluting and quick cleaning. This bottle can be used again and again. No need to keep buying and throwing away spray bottle cleaning solutions at the store. Mix, shake, spray, wipe & repeat. The Humdakin label makes the bottle a stylish addition to your kitchen or cleaning pantry. 

This Spray Bottle is delivered empty. Humdakin Universal cleaner sold separately. 

This Spray Bottle is made of reusable PET plastic.