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Seed Mix - Deer Resistant

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Deers are cute, kind, and lovely creatures. However, they really like to eat flowers, which is not very helpful when trying to liven up your garden or outdoor area. This seed mix contains a grow collection that won't be very appetizing to the deer in your area, increasing your chances that your flowers will remain in place. 

7 grams
Days to harvest: 50-110 days
Tested and distributed from St. Louis, Mo. 

Seed mix includes: Gayfeather P, Lupine P1, Lemon Mint A, Red Shirley Poppy A, Mixed Shirley Poppy A, Red PR Coneflower B/P, Yellow PR Cornflower, Black eyed Susan A, Scarlet Sage A/P, Soapwort A, Candytuft A, Yarrow P, Columbine P, Bachelor Buttons A, Shasta Daisy P, Godetia A, Coreopsis P, Larkspur A, Foxglove B/P, Purple Coneflower P, California POppy TP, Blanketflower P