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Cultivation Stone

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A carefully crafted growing stone with furrows intended for germination.

Sprinkle cress, mustard, arugula or other germinating seeds (some need to be soaked first) in the grooves of the growing stone. Keep in mind that the seeds need a gap of a few millimeters so that they have room to start germinating. Water with a spray bottle regularly - preferably three times a day at first. After a week or so it is time to harvest.

When producing these cultivation stones, it sometimes happens that small pieces fall out in the sawing, which is unavoidable but completely natural.

"My name is Josefin and I am the daughter of a stonemason. At Kinnekulle, where I grew up, my ancestors have mined limestone for several generations. My dream of designing something other than the windowsills, floors, slabs and walls that are made in the stonemasonry, after many years of persuasion, finally became a reality with the help of my father Sören." - Josefin of Stenhuggardottern

Stones sold individually, seeds not included

Diameter 11cm (4.3")
Made in Sweden