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Chocolate Christmas Ball

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Bring the funfair into your living room with the French made metal Christmas bubble! It contains a recipe that's as delicious as it is festive: crunchy cereal balls coated in milk and dark chocolate. Sensations guaranteed!

The Christmas bubbles come with a little string attached to the top, so you can hang them on your Christmas tree, surrounded by garlands, stars and other decorations! But these bubbles aren't just decorative, they also contain an irresistible secret: crunchy cereal balls coated in melting chocolate.

"It was in Marseille that we found the best craftsman when it comes to these little chocolate treats. This specialist has a rare ancestral knowledge and is listed as part of France's living heritage. Made from entirely natural & organic ingredients, our cereal balls are so crunchy and tasty that you'll bite into one, then two, then three... then the whole pack!"

Bio Organic
100% Pure Cocoa Butter Chocolate

Made in France

Ingredients: Organic crunchy cereals coated with Dark and Milk chocolate
Dark Chocolate 44%, milk chocolate 44%, Cocoa mass, whole milk powder, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla powder, crispy honey cereal 12%