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Seed Mix - Bee & Pollinator

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A delightful mix of perennials and annuals intended to feed bees and other pollinators, this attractive blend works well for natural plantings in beds and field areas. Facilitate biodiversity and promote pollination with this mix of seeds!  

Contains 7g pouch of seeds
Days to maturity: Varies
Plants range from 4"-28"
Covers up to 150 sq ft

Seed mix includes: Butterfly milkweed (P), New England Aster (P), Siberian Wallflower (B), Coreopsis (P), Purple Coneflower (P), California Poppy (A), Gaillardia (P), Lemon Queen (A), Gayfeather (P), Sweet Alyssum (P), Cosmos Sensation (A), Lupine (P), Bergamot (P), Baby Blue Eyes (A), Evening Primrose (A), Red Corn Poppy (A), Purple Phacelia (A), Prairie Coneflower (B), Crimson Clover (A)